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About NML

National Medicines Laboratory (NML) established pursuant to section 6 of Drug Act 2035 is the National drug research/control laboratory of Nepal. It is the principal body of Government of Nepal to perform scientific research, testing and analysis of drugs. It functions under the Department of Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Population. It was formerly known as Royal Drug Research Laboratory (RDRL) and established in 1964 AD under the Department of Plant Resources. The quality control of the drug samples submitted by Department of Drug Administration was performed by a quality control laboratory of RDRL. From the Fiscal Year 1993/94 RDRL was placed under the Department of Drug Administration. The name Royal Drug Research Laboratory (RDRL) was changed to National Medicines Laboratory (NML) by the government in the year 2006. It has various sections like Quality Control & Management Section, Testing & Analysis Section, Biological Section, Microbiology Section, Administration and Documentation Unit, Quality & Method Validation Section. NML is constantly thriving to bring out transparency, accountability, impartiality and uniformity in its services in order to ensure safety, efficacy and quality of the medicines manufactured, imported and distributed in the country to help achieve the objectives of Drug Act 2035.